Is your messaging falling on deaf ears?

A lot of organizations are doing truly wonderful work, but their messaging just isn't translating. That's where I can help. If you are struggling to get your story across or aren't getting the bites you need, it might be time to consider a little dougfood.

How I can help and why you should believe me....

1. I know how to write

I'm adept at taking arcane, complex, innovative, or even supposedly dull topics and transforming them into linguistic feasts that customers actually consume - and act upon. I call it Dougfood because I only deliver content I'd happily byline (e.g. I eat my own words).

2. A peculiar background

Far from being a traditional marketer, I got my start as a D.C. area journalist where I learned how to interview, to research, and to edit. Next came years of technology sales and consulting and then, quite logically, all of it coalesced into a recognized talent for corporate storytelling.

3. I Bark Like a Doug

I'm the carnival barker who unabashedly stumps for my clients through compelling content that zeroes in on what they do, how they do it, and why a potential customer should care. Doesn't matter if you've got a 100-year pedigree or are a startup, I can help. I promise.

Great, another blog....

  • Content Stories Worth a Read for April 2014
    Content Stories Worth a Read for April 2014
    Everyone is busy. But a big part of my ‘busyness’ involves staying abreast of content and messaging standards, best practices, and so on. I’ve got so many nuggets to share I figured I’d just synopsize them as best I can and let you determine whether to zip out there and read the rest. 5 Habits of Breakthrough Marketers Enjoyed this Inc. piece, and in particular the twin focuses on intent and messaging. In my experience, a lot of marketers still behave like school kids treating composition like the plague (you know, writing double-spaced, 30-point font to fill the paper). […]...
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  • A Common Sense Approach to Search
    A Common Sense Approach to Search
    Search is one of those issues that really seems to haunt organizations. Like so many of us confused over modern automobile engines, these companies often invest huge sums of money on SEO ‘mechanics’ who ostensibly help them to tune, align, and improve the performance of engines they don’t understand. Yes, the search/SEO world is complicated. But in the same way we use 10% of our brains to navigate 90% of our lives, most of search’s secrets are not really all that difficult to understand or practice. So herewith some common sense explanations of what you need to focus on […]...
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  • 2014: Marketing is Dead, Be Human Instead
    2014: Marketing is Dead, Be Human Instead
    I hate marketing. Which is why for 2014, my resolution is simple: Marketing is dead, be human instead. The thing is, marketing was pretty much invented at a time when brands owned the consumer conversation. Meaning, they told us about themselves and we either bought or we didn’t. In many cases, they may have been the only game in town (recall Henry Ford’s famous offer to sell automobiles in any color as long as they were black). For a long, long time this dynamic more or less remained the same. Yes, corporate competition grew, but the channels through which […]...
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  • Google's Hummingbird is Looking for You
    Google’s Hummingbird is Looking for You
    Good news to anyone who creates rich, meaty, useful content: Google has its new Hummingbird update out there looking to make you really popular. The search giant recently revealed that much of the algorithm changes in its most recent major update – brand-name Hummingbird – are built around enhancing search results’ contextual relevance. Meaning, Google wants to help you find exactly what you want by determining the meaning behind your search. All of which makes sense given that Google’s ultimate success is about delivering relevant search results. The idea is simple: We humans tend not to think in keywords […]...
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  • Marketing on a Small Business Budget
    Marketing on a Small Business Budget
    I get asked by startups and small businesses alike about marketing on a small business budget. Since I’ve been giving them the same advice over and over, I figured it would be easier to type it all out for posterity and send them this link. So herewith, the handful of To Do items on which I’d focus my energies and scarce resources. Come to think of it, this is pretty much what I’d do if I was a mid-sized business as well. Nail the Message Look, I like creating pretty graphics and videos as much as the next fellow. […]...
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